LMO - Linear Micro Optics 28 May 2019
LMO - Linear Micro Optics is a patented system used in a wide range of EEE products, allowing to combine an elegant and contemporary design with high efficiency.

This solution of products allows to obtain spaces with different artificial illumination, meeting the needs of project.

The LMO - Linear Micro Optics is available in a full range of salient, suspended and recessed products for a variety of office, school, industrial, commercial, or other spaces, allowing you to maintain a single concept in different designed spaces, creating areas with a more efficient, functional and healthy lighting.

The patented LMO - Linear Micro Optics system, delivers quality lighting for excellence services, combining the advantages of low energy consumption LED lighting with long durability (60,000 hours) with micro-optics, guaranteeing maximum visual comfort. All these characteristics culminate in high efficiency (up to 130lm / W), with UGR <19, in addition to complying with the illuminance levels described in EN12464-1: 2011 and with the lighting criteria in the public and private sectors, as defined by PremiumLightPro guides.

The efficiency of these products allows a return on the investment in a short time.  

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