Who we are


Since 1977 EEE has been a synonymous of innovation, quality, exclusive products, superior operation and design; customized solutions with measurable added value.
Who we are
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    EEE. Empresa de Equipamento Eléctrico, S.A.
    Since 1977 EEE has been a synonymous of innovation, quality, exclusive products, superior operation and design; customized solutions with measurable added value.


    With a production area of 26.500 square meters, selling to over 25 countries in 5 continents, EEE has a great technical capacity and also a great flexibility as far as industrial process is concerned, know-how and a vast technological experience which makes EEE a number one partner in professional lighting.


    The investment in a plastic injection sector, the acquisition of an automatic powder coating paint line, the purchase of a wiring robot, the creation in 1984 of the first lighting laboratory in the country and the launch of the Winelux lighting calculation software have been a key part of EEE’s  ustainable growth policy.




    Energy efficiency also plays an important role in EEE’s research team specifically in the usage in daylight based lighting control systems and in the development of luminaires with higher output when compared to traditional solutions.


    It is EEE’s mission to develop innovating light concepts fulfilling all requirements as far as ergonomy, lumino-technical, energetical efficiency and environment are concerned, and also to generate added value together with technical and technological accuracy.


  • Quality Policy

    At EEE the Quality Policy is all about its client's total satisfaction by supplying them with innovative and designer products, following the highest quality standards with competitive prices. EEE has created a better future for the company by improving efficiency to ensure continuous investments.

    Client’s satisfaction, continuous development and the involvement of all employees are the main guidelines at EEE which have made a successful difference.



    EEE acknowledges that all of its activities are related with the responsibility towards environmental protection.




  • Showroom


    EEE has a spacious and interactive showroom, a client room and meeting rooms where one can evaluate our products pontentialities according to the purposes required.

    The showroom is dividided into several lighting environments ranging from. home spaces, urban outdoors, gardens and facades, industrial environments, supermarkets, hotels to hospital and asseptical environments.

    The visitors will also be able to find several solutions. from lighting control digital dimmable systems just by pressing a button to more complete solutions such as remote control or touch panels.


    • Lighting - EEE,SA
    • Lighting - EEE,SA
    • Lighting - EEE,SA
    • Lighting - EEE,SA
  • Photometric laboratory

    Since 1984 we have within our premises a photometric laboratory, which allows us to be one of the market leaders in the manufacturing of fluorescent lamp luminaires.

    In the beginning of the year 2000, the company purchased a new and sophisticated measurement system equipped with a mirrorgoniophotometer, specifically for indoor lighting.

    In 2013, we acquired a new measuring instrument the spectrometer, which allow us to obtain a wider result in characteristics of the lamps.

    All our luminaries are exhaustively tested for photometry performance under international lighting standards.

    With the photometry laboratory we have the capability to:
    • determine the lamps chromatic rendering and color temperature.
    • analyzing the visible light spectrum and calculate radiation wave length.
    • determine the real flux of every lamp used in the laboratory.
    • analyse and develop optical systems ( louvres), and determine their main characteristics: Efficiency, polar diagram, glare diagram.
    • with the files from laboratory database, lighting projects can be made by using software such as WinElux, Dialux or Relux.
    • evaluate, by comparison, the reflectance characteristics of the several types of aluminium used in the luminaries.
    • determine the depreciation during the luminaire’s lifetime, specially by periodically checking aluminium used in the louvres.

    All photometry data provided in this catalogue was obtained at our photometry laboratory. Further or more complete information can be provided on request.

    • Lighting - EEE,SA