The constant search for a more efficient energy management, EEE offers to its customers and partners the Department of Lighting Control Systems service. This department provides expert advice in the area, as well as a set of solutions adaptable to different and diversified lighting project needs. For EEE, the concept of Lighting Control System is not limited to the simple condition of a set of ad hoc devices, but a reasoned solution, having in mind several aspects involving the project, including natural lighting, motion , control and / or monitoring, always with an economic strand. The performance of the department can still evolve into an intervention in the work through the programming and configuration of the systems implemented. The systems are always presented as aforesaid, adaptable to the specific characteristics of the final design, however, does not cease to be transverse to a set of countless current situations.
    A low cost solution designed to take advantage of the synergies of electronic ballasts with the simplest of commands – the push button.
    Ideal for isolated areas, where the use of light is a constant and where the lighting requirements vary during the day.

    The concept is simple but effective. Through a specific wiring a (230V) voltage is applied in data entry and the control will be made as follows:
    • Short press on the push button: Turns on or off;
    • Extended press on the push button: Increases or decreases the dimming.

    • Simple to use and from multiple control points (up to 25 push buttons);
    • Can control a theoretically unlimited number of ballasts, however, it is recommended a maximum of 25 per circuit;
    • Dimming adjusted to the sensitivity of the human eye;
    • When turning on it retrieves the last state concerning the dimming percentage;
    • It does not allows the connection of motion detectors.